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Most people come to counselling because they want to change something in their life, and they find it much easier to do that with some professional help than by struggling with it on their own.
Counselling and other 'talking therapies' give you the chance to discuss your problems in a safe and confidential environment. They allow you to explore how you think, feel, and behave without being judged, and without the burden of worrying about how the other person will think, feel, or react to what you say.
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Counselling is all about getting to know yourself better so that you can figure out just what the problem is - not everyone knows right away - and what you want to change... and how. Sometimes just having a different and detached perspective can make a huge difference, and although as a counsellor I'm not here to tell you what you should do, I can help you see things more clearly and work with you to find the best way forward.
Counselling isn't a 'quick fix' as it takes time and commitment, it isn't always easy - talking about difficult feelings and emotions - past and present, and living through tough situations in life can be really hard. We can often feel like we want to bury our heads in the sand (or under the duvet) but in the long run this approach doesn't really get us anywhere. Facing life's difficulties may at times be painful but it is worth it! With the right help and support you can face your difficulties and overcome them. 
There are many counselling approaches and styles and I like to meet and talk to you before deciding which might suit you best. I offer an integrative counselling service which means that I will truly tailor your counselling experience to you, and whether you will find the most benefit in person centred, psychodynamic, humanistic or gestalt counselling, or perhaps CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), transactional analysis, or mindfulness techniques, I will bring together my training and experience to give you the best experience possible - and don't worry if you don't know what any of these therapies are... I know them well enough for both of us!
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