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Good therapy requires good supervision, it’s important for therapists to regularly review their caseload and therapeutic practice in order to safeguard their clients, as well as their own wellbeing.

There are different styles and types of supervision, but whichever you choose it’s important that you feel safe and supported to explore your practice, as well as your worries and any concerns you have about potential errors or feeling stuck with clients. Supervision is not personal therapy, but as we know ‘how you are affects how you work’ so it’s important to have a supervisor you feel comfortable with, who can help you explore potential blind spots or areas of counter transference, and who can ‘hold’ you while you ‘hold’ your clients.

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I believe that supervision is a dynamic process that will develop over time into a unique relationship between the supervisor and the supervisee, and, in the same way as I tailor therapy to the client I tailor supervision to the therapist. Good supervision includes elements of support, education and management, and how these elements combine depends on your needs and level of experience.

I offer clinical supervision for qualified hypnotherapists, counsellors, psychotherapists, and students, as well as supervision of supervision for qualified and student supervisors.

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